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In 2011, Pastor David Fairchild from Trinity West Seattle (at that time Mars Hill West Seattle) invited pastors and leaders from the neighborhood to gather together. The response was kind of overwhelming across the denominational lines- Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Non-Denoms and church planters showed up for lunch and fellowshipped with one another. David was interested in building relationships to serve the neighbors of West Seattle. Out of that initial gathering a group of pastors and lay leaders eventually began meeting on a monthly basis at Zeek's Pizza on the second Wednesday of the month. 

After a couple of years of eating some great pizza, prayer and fellowship, the group decided to organize a night of prayer that would be led by each pastor and hosted at a different church each year. The night of prayer was held in November and was successful enough to launch a Good Friday service in 2016. 

Building friendships and trust the group in 2015 decided to serve four local schools on a Saturday in August. Many volunteers showed up and have continued to show up as an annual tradition. Relationships with the administrations of the schools have developed over time and programs like weekend snack packs, tutoring and planning major repairs and upgrades have been a result of the serve days. 

Recently the pastors gathered to also plan time away and go on a retreat with one another to encourage and pray for each other. This has led to healthy relationships, accountability and a flourishing of the gospel in West Seattle.

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