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Tukwila is a unique city. As a community with heavy immigration, it hosts over 80 languages, and New York Times dubbed Foster Tukwila High School as the most diverse high school in the country. There is a population of about 20,000 in Tukwila, but a workforce/patron population of nearly 200,000. A small town with big city problems. Tukwila has the largest increase in student homelessness in south King seeing a 390% increase since 2010. Two of the five schools have over 90% of their students below the poverty line. It is a unique member of our regional community, and the church in Tukwila is engaged.

Over 20 years ago, as a result of the Pastors' Prayer Summits that were made popular by International Renewal Ministries in the 90’s, pastors in Tukwila gathered together to pray. This group continues to meet every Friday for prayer and support. Pastors'Prayer has a focus on the congregations, staff, and one another.

PrayTukwila, launched in 2008 as churches and Christian leaders were getting together to honor the Duwamish Tribe. This initial focus catalyzed the Body of Christ in Tukwila which continues to meet using Tim Taylor’s model of engaging the Seven Spheres of the community. Church and city leaders come together once a month to fellowship over lunch and pray over Tukwila. The group invites key leaders in the city to pray over, the mayor, the police chief, the school district superintendent, leaders in Business, Health Care/Social Services, Government, the Church, Education… when there is a new leader in the city, PrayTukwila invites them to come and be prayed for.

Coming out of the PrayTukwila effort, race issues, immigration issues, teacher strikes and other community challenges have found their way to the prayer table as leaders in the city have learned to lean on this network to carry them through difficult times. Many initiatives have spun out of  PrayTukwila including: Tukwila Weekend SnackPack, a non-profit that has served over 100,000 meals and employed over 200 volunteers from in and outside the local church. SnackPack started in 2015, and involves businesses, the chamber of commerce, churches and many others!

If you would like to know more about engaging with the Body of Christ in Tukwila, contact Jenny

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