Unity in Worship

In the book of John, nearing the end right before Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and ultimately crucifixion, Jesus says a prayer in chapter 17. Verses 20-26, He prays for unity within the coming Church. Part of Jesus’ plan for the Church was to display the unity of the body of Christ through worshipping together and to “become perfectly one.”

The unity Jesus prays for in John 17 mirrors Psalm 57:9-10 – “I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” Earlier this week, pastor Dan Gannon (Renton Bible Church), sent this Psalm to the Renton Gospel Network in encouragement for an upcoming event intending to display the unity of the Body of Christ to the city of Renton.

This coming Sunday, August 4th at 5pm, the Renton Gospel Network (RGN) will be hosting “Worship in the Park” at Lake Boren Park. This communal worship event is not only for those that are a part of the Renton Gospel Network, but for anyone who longs to gather and worship Jesus together with members from many different Churches in Renton. It is a wonderful opportunity to display the unity and oneness that our Lord Jesus prayed for in John 17.

What can you expect? There will be a time of singing and praising God, then we will hear from pastors of the RGN who will give a brief history of the RGN as well as a call to worship and prayer for the city. There will be a brief message on John 17, followed by worship and then a free BBQ for anyone who wants to join.

There are many cities in the Light up the City network who are intentional about finding a way to display and embody the unity of the Body of Christ at a localized level. In Bellevue, Jubilee Reach’s Celebration in the Park will take place on the morning of August 25th, from 9:45-11:00am at the Downtown Bellevue Park.

We’d love to hear about how your city finds ways to live into John 17 Unity, and we want to join these Renton Churches who have helped coordinate this Sunday’s display of unity!

Harambee Church

Calvary Chapel

The Mission Church

Union Ave. Church

Nazarene Church

Valley Church

Church of the Beloved

Renton Bible Church

Sunset Community Church

Renton Christian Fellowship

Evangelical Chinese Church

Vision House

- Chris Gough

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