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The Lord Will Provide

We cling to this promise as we go forward during this time - the Lord will provide. God has blessed us at the Mission during this time to provide food needs for others. We have been providing food boxes to churches so that they can connect with their community in need and relieving the burden of people needing to feed their families during this time. We call this work “Project 88,” a nod to the Mission’s founding 88 years ago when a group of churches organized themselves in order to meet the needs of struggling people during the Great Depression. Check out this short video sharing about Project 88, and then read another story of how God is using His Church to provide during this time.

One pastor who is planting a Hispanic Foursquare church in Auburn, came to the Mission to only ask for 5 food boxes to feed families. Not unlike the parable of the five loaves and two fish, people flocked to Pastor Carlos and came back to ask for 175 food boxes to feed families. He saw a need and he filled it. He trusted that the Lord would provide. We are called to love God and love others well. We are called to trust in the Lord to provide and not in our own strength and to take refuge in Him. I hope during this season you can take comfort in the message that the Lord will provide.

There is an old hymn, The Lord Will Provide" written by John Newton that talks about the Lord’s provision. In this time of pandemics, racial injustice, unrest…and killer bees, we need to look on our savior now more than ever to meet our needs. One stanza from this hymn goes:

No strength of our own and no goodness we claim;

yet, since we have known of the Savior's great name,

in this our strong tower for safety we hide:

the Lord is our power, "The Lord will provide."

Marilyn Baker

Church Engagement Communications Specialist

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