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The Game of Chess & a Chalmers Center Benevolence Tune Up

"If you want to learn how to play chess, you should start by removing your own queen. Once you’ve mastered the game without the most powerful piece, then put the queen back in and see how good you are! For the church, the Sunday service is our queen. We’ve been relying on it too much. Now that the queen has been taken off the board it’s time to rediscover what all the other pieces can do" - Alan Hirsch As the students learn how to use all the pieces on the board, they become stronger players, smarter players, and better players. They actually learn the whole game, and have a new love for the game! For some, they finally learn that the game was never about the queen, but always about the King!

As we have lost the Sunday service, the "Queen" of the the activity of the Church, we have a unique and powerful invitation to learn how to use all the pieces on the board in service of the King!

Benevolence is one of those key pieces on the board we must master in this current season. "How do we serve those in need?" A pastor friend in Fullerton, CA is getting his families to adopt families long term in the community. A church in Bothell is expanding their food bank. A pastor in Renton has seen record breaking giving to the benevolence fund. A congregation in Seattle is launching a new mercy ministry around the COVID-19 response. Churches all over the county are partnering with school district leaders to serve families in their neighborhood in need. Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is distributing food through the local Church. How are you thinking through these moments as a church? How is your city network uniquely working together to serve and love neighbors in need?

I would love to hear what you are doing!

I have been talking with the Chalmers Center and would like to invite you to join me for a free online webinar with Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert this Friday on Benevolence best practices. This is a great opportunity to hear from top experts on strategic and effective methods to care for those in need.

I also have a couple of extra copies of their book, Helping Without Hurting, in Church Benevolence. If you would like one, let me know!

This is a HUGE moment for us as the Church. This is a HUGE moment for us as Church Networks. Let us be in prayer together for the Lord to show us how to use all the pieces on the board in this most important and strategic moment!

Chris Gough

Director of Church Engagement

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