Revival is Imminent

After pastoring in the Seattle area for over 30 years, I am sensing a growing urgency and desperation. I am hearing from pastors around the country, who are working as hard as they know how, to provide ministry to their communities, and feel like nothing is connecting with the hearts of people. What can be done? What do we turn to in order to call the hearts of God’s people back to life again? The only hope is revival- a sovereign move of God to awaken His people.

There are many different ideas about revival in the American church. Would it be helpful if I provide a definition so we can have a common understanding? How about this? “Revival is the overwhelming sense of God’s presence that falls on a Christian people who have become dead and lethargic in their faith, restoring to life those things God intended to be normal for His Church.”

If that is our understanding of revival, then we are seeing the fires of revival sparking all around the country. The early sounds of revival are being heard all over the nation, even from national voices like Greg Laurie. I absolutely believe revival is imminent. And, as the fires of revival spread and are no longer contained within a handful of locations, will we see the next great awakening?

But, what can be done? If revival is coming, do we, as leaders and pastors, sit back and wait for God to move? Oh, no. Our posture must be one of leaning in through prayer, until we see the purposes of God fulfilled. Like Elijah, we pray until we see the cloud coming with rain. Like the women of Isaiah 32, we cry out “until the Spirit is poured out.” Dr. A.T. Pierson stated, “There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not start in united prayer.” His eyes are ranging throughout the earth, looking for a people through whom He can show Himself mighty (2 Chronicles 16:9). May He find us on our knees, united in prayer, asking for a move of God for our generation!

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we want to increase the volume of the sounds of revival with our Church Awakening Conference 2020, on February 27-28. We have invited some of the best speakers from around the world on the subjects of prayer and revival. However, our heart is not to provide you with mere information in this conference. Rather, it is our desire that this conference would be an altar, established before the Lord of men and women with a heart for God's presence and power, united in a cry before God for revival in our region and nation.

Would you register right now to join us at the conference, and would you consider bringing some of the key leaders from your church to join us and catch the vision for what only God can do... in your church and in this region?

For more info and to Register Today!

Alec Rowlands

Senior Pastor of Westgate Chapel

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