LUTC Quarterly: Kingdom in Business

Each of our quarterly gatherings for the past three years focused on several issues we initially prayed for in our 40 Days of prayer in 2014. We are now shifting our focus to the different sectors or "roots" of our societal fabric. We kicked off 2018 by praying the first 10 days for these different sectors, with the belief that God places each of us in these spheres to advance his Kingdom. Ministry is not confined to places of worship (e.g. churches), but extends by grace to the places we are naturally drawn- if you are a banker, then bank for the Lord. If you are a small business owner, then operate for the Lord. Pastoring, discipling, shepherding and stewarding are not limited by certain places at certain times.

For our upcoming LUTC Quarterly Gathering on May 17th, we will focus on Kingdom in Business. We will be discussing what it looks like to minister in the marketplace and will premiere a new thirty minute short from Dealmaker Films called "A Triple Bottom Line".

We hope this powerful film will inspire and encourage anyone in business to use the gifts already given them to make an impact on lives in the name of Jesus. We hope you will invite Christian business leaders, entrepreneurs, owners or anyone you might know who is in the marketplace. GO HERE to register today! May 17th at Trinity West Seattle from 11:30-1pm.

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