North Seattle, United

Three years ago four pastors from North Seattle got together to pray, just pray. We decided to meet once a month to encourage and pray for one another. Soon, we began to pray for each other's churches and families. The group has continued to meet every month and now has 14 lead pastors from 14 churches in north Seattle. We are committed to each other and celebrate our uniqueness as separate church congregations, while working together as the unified Church of North Seattle.

We pray for each other during our Sunday morning services; that God would establish, lead and bless each other and our places of ministry. We pray that God would multiply ministry of each church and sincerely hope our brother's church thrives, raises up leaders and see many come to Christ.

We also support and pray for new churches to start out of ours. Currently, there are five churches under a year old in our group which we financially support and send support through mentorship.

On the 20th of August, these small church congregations come together for a joint Sunday morning worship service held at Calvary Christian Assembly with over 700 in attendance. It was a beautiful event with no egos in the limelight. A service dedicated to glorifying God in our unity under Christ Jesus in Seattle, while celebrating our uniquenesses. Because of the overwhelmingly positive reception of this, we are planning to do it next year as well.

We are continuing to gather as pastors and have added several more since the #Northseattleunited event. Our next meeting (the first Tuesday of the month), hosting the congregation's staff in addition to the pastors. The intention is for the staff to feel encouraged and prayed for just as the pastor have experienced.

Keith Carpenter

Epic Life Church

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