MLK Prayer Breakfast - Recap

Our friends at Urban Impact celebrate the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by hosting an annual prayer breakfast in Seattle.

This year’s theme was Reclaiming the Dream: Unity, Justice, Love.

Rev Allen Belton and Donnie Griffin, the co-founders of this event, passed the baton to Rev. Harvey Drake and Romanita Hairston-Overstreet. Literally, Allen brought a baton and handed it to them while sharing hope for this work to continue.

Pastor Eugene Cho gave a passionate message. He reminded us that Dr. King’s popularity was very low at the time he was doing his work, in the polls 63% of people disagreed with him at the time of his life, where now, not only in the US, but worldwide Dr. King has a 95% popularity rating.

The danger of his popularity is we can simply post his quotes on our social media instead of continuing his work. Cho encouraged us to live out the dream.

Pastor Eugene shared how in John 4:4 Jesus had to go through Samaria. “Jesus doesn’t have to do anything,” he exhorted. “The ongoing feud turns the Samaritans into lesser beings: if hash tags existed back then I’m sure Jesus would have said #SamaritanLivesMatter

We have to walk through Samaria.

Prayers of the people were offered in different languages from Rev. Sergio Chavez, Rev. Dr. Gannett Getaneh, and Rev. Vanthong Manivanh.

Three awards were bestowed upon community members for their work including: Carmen Best, the community award; Rev Doug Wheeler, the education award; and Joanne Harrell, the business award.

After a morning of honor, reflection, and exhortation, we heard from the King County Youth Gospel Choir. The voices of the children stole the show as they performed songs If I Could Help Somebodyand Amen. One girl offered an inspiring solo, with a voice larger than her stature. The children in grades kindergarten through eighth sang in the newly formed choir with great joy. The smaller children in front were on their tippy toes trying to ensure their voices were reaching the microphone. The children’s choir reminded us after a quiet morning, celebration was also appropriate. Their voices turned the audience from thoughtful to joyous as we were also able to celebrate the great life lived by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

- Dawn Zern

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