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Maundy Thursday - How Quickly Things Can Change

The next day is Holy Thursday. The day believers celebrate the last supper. In one day Jesus went from washing his disciples feet, to sharing the Passover meal, to sharing with His disciples that one of them would deny knowing Him three time before the next dawn, to praying so hard that He sweat blood, to being betrayed with a kiss by a dear friend. This is what one might describe as a bad day! Just a few days earlier the people had welcomed Jesus into the city with Palms and shouts of praise. How quickly things can change.

We are all dealing with the pain of humanity changing in a matter of weeks. The Corona virus has turned the world upside down and left us all knowing how little control we have no matter how safe or comfortable a world we have built around ourselves. What do you do when your world view has been exposed as a fraud and when your attempted Utopia is smashed by life's dark realities? You turn to Jesus in prayer for strength, hope, peace, and eternal life.

When my wife Julie and I were missionaries to orphans for six years in the Luweero Triangle of Uganda where Idi Amin had brought unspeakable killing and destruction a few years earlier, I spent some time as the soccer coach for our boy’s high school soccer team. One time we played an away game where we won after disqualifying some of the home team players because they didn’t go to the school, so they were not able to play for the school team. Our team won and we were so excited until out of nowhere at least 200 students and people from that community came walking towards our 20 players and staff with machete and sticks in hand. How quickly things can change.

As they came closer, I remember thinking, “this is the day I’m going to die.” I heard in my spirit God saying, “preach my gospel!” I started sharing the truth about how Christ died for our sins and that He offers eternal life to those who believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I kept praying in my mind that God would save us. I’ll never forget when the first machete fell to the ground in front of me, followed by every machete, stick, and stone. How quickly things can change.

On this day of Holy week remember Jesus is the rock on which we stand for hope, peace, and purpose. He never changes!

- Matthew Shorack

Pastor at Community Bible Fellowship

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