Introducing the first speaker for the Advance 2020!

Tim Keller observed that business in the 21st century will drive mission in the same way that medicine did in the 20th century. As we consider the sheer number of people in the Body of Christ involved in the marketplace, we have to ask ourselves, "How are we equipping and sending people into the business world?" Many church and ministry leaders spend a high percentage of time working with brothers and sisters in Christ: developing training tools; executing pastoral visits; leading Bible studies; and hosting retreats & worship services. I love these people. These are my people! However, many of the people in our congregations do not spend the majority of their relational capital within the church. Our marketplace folks are bridges into our neighbors in the community.

There are several networks in our area who are pulling together Marketplace leaders of faith. Made to Flourish is uniquely aimed at equipping church leaders to equip their congregants to embody their faith in their work. They are partnering with our Advance event (March 10th-11th) to bring in Dr. Denise Daniels! Denise is driving a 4 year, nationwide, research effort on how people understand and engage their faith at work. She will be sharing about this study, and maybe even one of the Faith & Co. stories produced by an amazing team at Seattle Pacific.

Inherent in our partnership with Denise and Made to Flourish is a challenge for each of you in your local network. How do we make disciples who go and make disciples? What unique bridges can business leadership build in our cities? What does it look like to bring Marketplace leaders of faith into local gospel networks? Perhaps one or two of your key Marketplace leaders may need to be at your city table this year at the Advance!

We look forward to being stretched and challenged this year, and encouraged by the many many ways our brothers and sisters embody salt and light in the Marketplace!

Chris Gough

Director of Church Engagement

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