Homelessness 101 Training

The recent Seattle is Dying documentary on KOMO News 4 has been one of the most watched and discussed news segments in recent history. This story has had both local and natural interest regarding the current state and possible solutions to homelessness.

While this documentary explores some of the causes of homelessness such as drug addiction and chronic mental health, it did not go deeper into the core issues that lead to addiction and homelessness. At Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, we believe that addiction and homelessness at their core stem from broken relationships; with God, with others, with themselves and with society itself. People often run out of relationships before they run out of resources. If broken relationships are at the core of homelessness, then the solution must begin with restoring broken relationships. We know that the Church has been given both the ministry and message of reconciliation (I Corinthians 5). We are in the relationship restoration business.

Would you like to find out more about how the church can engage homelessness? On May 16, from 7:00 PM to 9:30 Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and Vision House are leading a Homelessness 101 training hosted by Westminster Chapel of Bellevue.

This training will be divided into three sections:

- The facts and myths about homelessness in King County

- The impact of trauma on people experiencing homelessness

- What the Church can do to engage homelessness

The training will include thoughts and ideas on homelessness from experts in the issue, stories of life transformation from people who have experienced homelessness themselves, and a panel discussion on practical ways that churches and individuals can help people get the streets and find the help they need.

You can register to attend this training at www.ugm.org/volunteertraining

- Ralph Rowland

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