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Holy Tuesday - Overcoming All Obstacles

Holy week reminds us to seek Jesus, trust Jesus, imitate Jesus, and glorify Jesus. How do we abide with the Lord in a world of selfishness, distractions, evil, weakness, sin, and despair? There is tension as we follow Jesus together in our daily lives.

On Tuesday of that most significant week, Judas negotiated with the religious leaders as he planned to betray Jesus (Matthew 26:14-16). Jesus led the disciples to the Mount of Olives as He taught and encouraged their souls through parables, realities about judgment and the end times, as well as promises of His return and final victories. It was a lot to take in and probably overwhelming on many levels for Christians at that time.

Are you sensing the need to meditate on the teachings of Jesus? Spend extra time today reading through Matthew 24. Deep desires lead to deep prayers. Reject being spiritually drowsy or lukewarm in your faith.

This has been a very unique start to the year, and with the outbreak of the outbreak of the corona virus, our routines are disrupted in many ways. How will we respond to the challenges in our day? The disciples were learning to choose faith over fear, love over indifference, and boldness over retreating. Jesus' responses during Holy week continues to impact every generation in a positive way.

Let your trials drive you to your knees. Prayer is the place to start as we cry out to God and listen for His direction. Here is a simple prayer and Scripture guide for you alone or with family, friends, or your church with seven specific areas. Take 30 minutes and meet with Jesus today.

1) Continue to praise God and give Him thanks during this challenging season. (Psalm 145)

2) Pray for many people around the world to turn to Jesus and that believers would be bold in spreading the good news in person and with digital ministry. (Acts 4:29-37)

3) Pray for our community, church, state, and national leaders who are making key decisions. (1 Timothy 2:1-8)

4) Pray for followers of Jesus that we would overcome obstacles because we trust God with all of our hearts. (Psalm 27)

5) Pray that we would be very united, connected, and serve each other. (John 17:20-26)

6) Pray for protection, comfort for people who have lost loved ones, and healing for those who are sick. (Psalm 91)

7) Pray for courage and creativity as life and ministry looks different right now and this is an incredible opportunity to glorify Jesus. (2 Timothy 1:3-12)

Let's pray, abide with Jesus, and respond with action as the Holy Spirit leads and empowers us. The battle between Jesus and the devil was evident on Tuesday of Holy Week and it is today too. Because we know the end of the story is so good, let's both rest in the Lord and risk for the Lord as we pray together and take courageous action.

Jesse Bradley

Pastor of Grace Community Church

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