Happy Mother's Day

A Promise of a Mother

I became a mother at the age of sixteen, this was not what I dreamed.

Now I have faced the responsibilities to proceed in raise a young King.

With all tenacity he looks up to me, the kind of man I want him to be?

A man to break the cycle of poverty.

A man to supersede his father’s being.

A man to have faith in the divinity.

I pray he’s better than I could ever be.

I pray that he’s wiser than me and make the right choice accordingly.

I was there when he took his first steps, it was quite impressive how great life could get.

Watching him sprout, my faith in his future I have no doubt.

The best blessing that I’ve had is raising you, I’m so glad.

You helped me realize the things I did that were so bad.

To change my ways, I look back now where I stand, understand that God had better plans.

I put all my hope in Him to raise you the best I can, I pray you grow to be a wise, thoughtful and caring man.

A Promise of a Mother

Aliah O. and her son

The Promise of a mother is a peek into the heart of Aliah O. a single teen mother raising her 1-year-old son. If we take the time to listen closely, we’ll hear the Promise of a Mother ringing in the hearts of young impoverished mothers across the city. Mothers yearning, praying and hoping for the opportunity to give their children a chance at life. Here at the Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission’s Queen’s Academy we thrive to equip young mothers with the tools to creating a healthier life. Queen’s Academy is a 15-month housing program centered around education, career goals and life skills to launch young mothers and their children into their best future.

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