Good Friday - The 6 (Not 2 or 3) Unjust Trials of Maundy Thursday & Good Friday

Jesus the Christ gave His life for all of mankind on a cross according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3). Basic Christian theology teaches that Jesus substitutionary death provided the “only” atoning sacrifice that was able to satisfy/appease the deserved wrath of our Holy God. What’s the theological term for this aforementioned expression of love: Propitiation!

On the Christian Holy Day known as Good Friday (observed the Friday before Resurrection Sunday) Christians commemorate the passion and horrific death of Jesus Christ on a Roman cross. Here are the 6 trials in chronological order:


Trial - 1: Before Annas

Annas occupied the office of High Priest from A.D. 6-15 until Valerius Gratus (Pilate’s predecessor) had him removed from office. However, he still maintained great influence as the Jewish peoples “true” high priest. Primarily because he had no fewer than 5 sons & his son-in-law Caiaphas, holding the office at one time or another.

(John 18:12-14, 19-23)

Trial - 2: Before Caiaphas

John reminds us of his unconscious prophecy of the “priceless value” of Jesus.

(Matthew 26:57-68)

Trial - 3: Before the Sanhedrin

The Jewish Religious Council (71 Members that met daily - with the exception of Sabbaths & Jewish Holidays). They waited til the morning to pass an official verdict against the Savior (Matthew 26:6); because, it was against the law to hold criminal trials at night!

(Matthew 27:1-2)


Trial - 4: Before Pilate

When Rome took over capital jurisdiction (i. e. Judicial right to execute) in A.D. 6 from the Jews, it was given to the Roman governor. Capital punishment was the most jealously guarded of all penal attributes by the Roman administration. If the Jews had maintained capital jurisdiction, they would have thrown him down and stoned him to death.

(John 18:28-38)

Trial - 5: Before Herod

Just a scapegoat for Pilate (who knew that Jesus was innocent). He merely wanted to see Jesus perform a miracle. He ultimately joined in on the mockery by portraying Him as a false king.

(Luke 23:6-12)

Trial - 6: Before Pilate

The second time that Jesus stood before Pilate, Pilate revealed a lack of interest in truth and commitment to justice. In fear of Tiberius Caesar (who had a reputation of being strange, suspicious, and often ruthless) he chose loyalty to Rome (as opposed to an innocent, hated, falsely accused insurrectionist named Jesus). The unjust crowd demanded a decision. The drama had to be resolved so Pilate made the official decision that created Good Friday!

(John 18:39, 19:16)

- Andre’ Sims

Senior Pastor at Christ the King Bible Fellowship

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