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Get ready for the Advance 2020!

God is moving in our region! If there was time, I would tell you of the deep fellowship in Redmond and Kenmore, the prayer momentum in Issaquah and Federal Way, the discipleship movement in Auburn and Bellevue, the youth group collaboration in Maple Valley and Capitol Hill, the homelessness work in N. Seattle and Burien, Foster care engagement in Renton and Lynwood, the schools served in Tukwila, Shoreline and Kent, and the many, many lives that continue to find hope, transformation, grace, belonging, mission, and meaning in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Entire books could be written about the things happening Right Here, Right Now!

This year will be the 6th offering of The Advance. This is not a conference, it is a strategic gathering of Jesus centered, city based networks who are committed to asking the collective question, “What is God’s heart for our city?” At the Advance we are looking to pull together 6-10 key leaders from each of the 25+ local networks and spend time discerning one critical way we can Advance the Kingdom of God in our specific city.

Geography demands a mission, and no two cities share the same problems or have the same gifts. At the Advance we work through the values of a healthy network (Prayer, Disciple Making, City Engagement, & Unity) that we all share, but apply uniquely in our contexts. There are testimonies, and focused talks that prod each local network toward discussion. How will we love our neighbor in Duvall? The Advance requires participation, and it assumes a missional trajectory.

If your network would be willing to join us this March 10-11, we would love for you to consider, “Who needs to be at this decision making table?” Our hope, and this year’s theme, is that we would, “Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers.” Those sent by the Father will bear the fruit of the Father! Together we can be grateful that God is sending his people everywhere, giving us the freedom to focus on the “somewhere” we have been sent.

We look forward to the deepening of this regional story, and hope you can join us as we catch a glimpse together of surpassing greatness of our God and the breadth of work being done by those he has sent!

- Chris Gough

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