CityServe in Highline Schools

We are still getting reports in from the awesome CityServe events that took place this summer (with more to come), not only in Seattle Public Schools, but also in other districts in King County. This week we have a blog post from a Principal of one of the schools served. What a great testament to the gospel when it is applied in service to our neighbors! Thank you Principal Holtgraves for this week's write-up:

Early Saturday August 11th, dozens of volunteers from Lake Burien Presbyterian Church arrived at the Seahurst Elementary campus ready to tackle our neglected landscape. Adelle orchestrated the event by ensuring that there was enough bark/compost being delivered by Burien Bark. Their truck arrived promptly at 8:30 a.m. and they were extremely helpful in unloading the many heavy bags in strategic places around the campus.

We had coffee and pastries for breakfast and a prayer circle to give thanks and to offer the days’ service to God our Father.

Volunteers weeded many large beds, trimmed trees and bushes, picked up trash, swept walkways, and laid down countless bags of top dressing on the beds. All of the weeds and trimmings were placed into bags loaded onto a truck for disposal. Then volunteers provided the shrubs and trees with a well-needed watering.

The generosity that the congregation provided is so very appreciated. Our district, like many others, has had to cut back on our Facilities Department to prioritize spending directly for student learning. We do not therefore receive this level of care and detail to our campus maintenance. In order to share the pride I feel for our school with the students, families, and the community, I feel it is extremely important to keep up our campus so it is presentable.

I enjoyed working side-by-side with the amazing parishioners of Lake Burien Presbyterian Church. The young people who attended were energetic, hard-working and great conversationalists. It is inspiring to know these student leaders are our future. I was energized to establish relationships with those who live in our school community.

We will be trying for the first time along with the help of our PTA, to organize a mid-year clean-up campaign with our student’s families. There is simply too much to do when we let the campus go for an entire year. Thank you for this inspiration and please let me know ideas you may have on how our school can be a good partner to your church community.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Terry Holtgraves

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