CityServe 2018

Congregants from All Souls, Hope Lutheran, Grace Church, Trinity WS, The Hallows and Bethany Community Church gather to pray and fellowship before the work begins.

The numbers are still coming in on how many folks served, but the fact is multiple churches from around Seattle served 19 schools in the Seattle Schools this summer. This past weekend, we toured West Seattle, where six congregations served four schools: Madison Middle School, Chief Sealth High School, Sanislo Elementary and Highland Park Elementary. Dawn Zern writes about the experience...

We have all heard it said, “like oil and water, some things just don’t mix.” Right? And then we go and make salad dressing. Vinaigrette is made by blending two liquids that are immiscible: oil and vinegar. The fancy name for it is emulsifying. We emulsify things that don’t blend together naturally.

We often view the separation of churches and schools as something that, like vinaigrette, is immiscible. This is why year after year we continue to tell the story of the CityServe day. For the past four years, local churches partner with schools to serve their practical needs. Light Up the City has assisted in the day and we share the story, because just aforementioned non-blending liquids, separation naturally occurs. These relationships require ongoing work; and we want you to witness when they flourish.

Just as Christians are called to be “salt” to the world, when we mix these two groups we add Gospel flavorto areas of need. Our local schools do a great job of educating our children. In a time where so much is expected of schools, and children face increasing challenges, the church can add so much value to a community. Kyle Kinoshita, who was a representative from the Seattle School’s Superintendent’s office, shared his thoughts with the work crew the importance of beautifying a school, which helps kids feel a sense of pride and cared for when they return to school, even though they might not see the volunteers who did the weeding, painting and scrubbing.

Blackberries ain't no thing.

In West Seattle for this CityServe weekend, we visited four of the schools and we saw a lot of good work happening: invasive plants were weeded out, hallways were given a fresh coat of paint, windows were washed, fresh mulch was spread on playgrounds, and friendships were strengthened. The friendships between school administrators and pastors grew this weekend too. We want to show you some photos from four schools: Highland Park Elementary School, Sanislo Elementary School, Maddison Middle School, and Chief Sealth High School.

If you have stories or pictures from your local school serve day feel free to share them in the comments below. If you would like to learn more about serving schools in your neighborhood, please write us!

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