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Brave: You are Not Alone

If we can convey one message to teen girls in vulnerable situations like foster care, it would be, “you are not alone.” Girls in the foster care system live in a world which oftentimes broadcasts the narrative: they do not matter, their hurts are not important, and their stories are already written.

On May 5th, 2018 we are hosting a 2nd annual Brave event for girls ages 12-18 at Seattle Pacific University. The goal of the Brave event is to show these girls they do matter. No matter what has happened in their lives, they do not have to be defined by who they were or what has been done to them. They can walk with their heads held high knowing that life can be great, even if it has not been great in the past.

In Seattle, around 70% of the underage youth who are commercially and sexually exploited (sex trafficked) have spent time in foster care. This statistic is alarming, but is also full of hope—these are girls who are on somebody’s case load, and we can go out of our way to remind them of their value.

However, when you think about it, don’t all teen girls need to hear this same message that they are valuable? The purpose of our Brave event is to show vulnerable teen girls they are valuable and encourage them to dream big dreams for their futures! That’s why, this year, ALL girls are invited to attend this inspiring event.

So, on May 5th, girls from all over Puget Sound are invited to hear from inspiring speakers and be truly spoiled with dinner, giveaways, haircuts & make-overs, personal portraits, confidence-building art projects, and more. Attendees will also learn of the many free and low-cost resources available to them at a resource fair, and have the opportunity to plug into local youth groups following the event.

After the event, girls will have follow-up care available through Brave guided journals, and the option of personal follow-up from local adult female youth leaders. Here are 4 ways your church can get involved in this amazing event:

  1. Your youth group girls ages 12-18 can attend the event. They can register HERE . If cost is prohibitive, scholarships are available. Youth groups can also pay a group rate of $250 (email Mandy for details)

  2. As a follow up to this catalytic event, girls will be given the chance to connect with a youth group in their local community. If you’re willing to be one of those youth groups, please email Mandy!

  3. Another follow up option will be for girls to be contacted in non-threatening ways (Facebook, email, phone call) by female youth leaders/volunteers from their local community. If you have a female youth leader/volunteer interested in doing that, email Mandy for details!

  4. You can sponsor girls in foster care or low-income families to attend, by donating HERE.

Brave is just the beginning. Are you with us?

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