An Hour of Prayer

At Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, the internship program Serve Seattle hosts a week of prayer each spring. The chapel in the Serve Seattle house sets up different prayer stations and Mission staff, community members, volunteers, and interns sign up online for one-hour time slots to cover the entire week in 24/7 prayer for our community.

The stations around the room include: a music station, a map to pray over cities, a praying through the bible, a cross as well as others. 

I enjoy praying through each station and am amazed how quickly an hour passes as you spend time praying for specific people and places. 

The art station is my favorite of the prayer stations, which includes crayons, water colors, pastels, pens, pencils and various kinds of paper.  I have never felt artistic, but as I participate each year I am surprised how God leads me to paint something that reminds me of how He works.  This year it was an attempt at some trees, tall evergreens which serve as a reminder to be rooted deeply in His love (Ephesians 3:17-19).

Another station I appreciate is a prayer tent set up in the middle of the room.  It resembles the kind of blanket fort you may have made as a child, but as you step from the large quiet room into the smaller tent you are invited to spend quiet time with a very personal God.  Before entering, you have the option to take communion, which feels foreign, but  reminds me that God is with me- I’m taking communion with Him, not alone, by myself.

Another station is the “wailing wall,” which holds scraps of paper where you can scribble down our more desperate prayers.  I wrote the name of a friend who has experienced chronic pain for many years. My time at the wall is not as long, because I know Jesus has heard my prayers for her for years.  He knows her name too.

The hour wraps up faster than I wanted it to-I gather my things and slowly walk towards the doorway, allowing the next person waiting to enter for their hour of prayer for our city.

If you are interested in creating a similar experience in your own community comment below.  We would love to see our region filled with people praying for God’s kingdom to come, and His will be done.

-Dawn Zern

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