A Thanksgiving message...

When we step back and look at this world we see beauty. We see tall mountains reaching the highest altitudes. We see great bodies of water covering the earth’s unsearched surfaces. We see deep valleys dividing one mountain from the next. We see man made inventions resulting from hard work and creativity. And, above all, we see people. The most beautiful of all creation: people.

Even with all the beauty in the world, we still see great sadness, vast hatred, constant war, abundant evil, unexplainable pain, poverty, division, and oppression. Which may cause us to ask ourselves, “what is there to be thankful for?” Yes, we can be thankful for our health, family, friendships, freedom, home, education, clean water, food, and employment. But what about those that don’t have these things? What can they be thankful for?

What if all these things we have today were taken away from us? What then would we be thankful for? Is our thankfulness based on what we have here on earth? Or is it based on something greater than ourselves? Perhaps our thankfulness is based in something eternal. Something that you don’t lose when you die, but you gain. Something than cannot be taken from you because it goes on forever.

As we each sit around a table this week, whether it be with family or friends, may we be reminded of all we love and hold dear. May we be reminded that all we have been blessed with comes from the goodness of the Lord and His love for us. May those reminders serve as fuel for our gratitude and thankfulness that we need to show God not only on Thanksgiving, but on a daily basis.

“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

- 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Your life was crafted by God out of the love and goodness in His heart. Your life was wrapped in a perfect and eternal purpose. Eternity can’t be compared to the pain experienced in our earthly bodies nor matched to the beauty we see in this world. We can be thankful for the breath of life that makes us the living beings we are. We don’t just walk the surface of this planet aimlessly, with nothing to look forward to. But we exist to forever experience over and over again the grace, love, and joy of our Creator, Jesus Christ. Let us be thankful for everything we have here on earth and above all be thankful for our salvation and for what is yet to come.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Light Up The City team.


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