A Note from Knathan

Over the course of five years, it has been an honor and privilege to work for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and on the Light Up the City team. I began my time networking with church and lay leaders to recognize and assess who was serving in their cities- congregations, non-profits, government agencies and other organizations that served Jesus and/or the common good. I primarily did this through a website, but grew relationships with those serving their cities and loving their neighbors and acted as a support.

Once Light Up the City launched, we felt stories of what God was doing through his Church needed to be told- stories of relationships, unity, reconciliation, serving together- stories that inspire, educate and equip the body and build the Kingdom. I therefore, became the editor, photographer, videographer, designer and social media guy for our team. I became what I was born to be, a storyteller; and my own faith and ministry was blessed, stretched and grown to witness the many different parts of the body loving and serving as the hands and feet of Christ.

If this post sounds like a reflective farewell, it is. I am leaving the team- called into a new season of adventure in an opportunity to engage part of the "Arts and Media" sector of society that we talk about here at LUTC- a sector that I am passionate about for our city.

I want to thank Ralph Rowland and Chris Gough for their leadership and vision to assist the Church to be the Church in the Greater Seattle Region. I also want to thank Dawn, Mandy, Desi and Gabby for being awesome coworkers and who are fantastically gifted and passionate folks. You should know that the blog and website will be passed off to the very capable hands of our newest team member, intern Joel French. Thanks and recognition also has to be given to my lovely wife Jessie and my kids Clementine, Flannery, Waylon and Harper for their unwavering support and love.

Finally, thanks to the many of you who have shared lunches, scripture, prayers, stories, tears, and your faith with me over the past five years. God bless.

PS. yes, my name is Knathan, at least- that is what some people call me. It may seem confusing, but it doesn't have to be.

-Knathan Ryan

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