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Gathering as the Church in West Seattle

When you are an unknown, tiny church plant with very few resources, you wonder how you can ever make an impact in your big (and growing) city community. That was the reality when we began New City several years ago. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, I received an invitation from David Fairchild, the lead pastor of Trinity West Seattle, to participate in a joint Thanksgiving prayer service. I gladly accepted. At the joint service, I was warmly welcomed and New City received much needed prayer for its new gospel work. And that is how I was introduced to the West Seattle Church Collective and and became a part of The Church in West Seattle.

As the Church in our part of Seattle, the Collective has been able to serve together over the years to beautify schools on City Serve days, bless the local foster care staff and program, and provide basic necessities to needy families as the tangible evidence of God’s care and love in West Seattle. In a city known for its “Seattle Freeze,” such a genuine cooperation between churches of different traditions, denominations, and sizes has been possible by grace as we maintain the unity of the church and strive to mutually encourage one another through regular prayer gatherings and fellowship.

To express that unity of the church in West Seattle, we are looking forward to coming together again on October 15th to celebrate our common faith in Christ. This year, we will remember the indispensible work of Martin Luther and other 16th century Protestant Reformers that gave us the Five Solas of the Reformation. Five pastors from the Collective (Trinity West Seattle, Grace Community, Hope Lutheran, Arbor Heights Community, and New City) will briefly teach the importance of each Sola in our salvation and its gospel relevance in our post-truth cultural context. As we sing, learn, and pray together, our hope is that the Holy Spirit would deepen our love for Jesus and strengthen His church in West Seattle to make the gospel real to save many who have yet to hear His voice.

Eddie Koh

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