A Letter From Jason

Dear Family,

For the past two and a half years I have had the privilege and pleasure of serving churches and ministries in the heart of Seattle through my role with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission—our Light Up The City team specifically. I have had the great joy of being able to serve with a wonderful LUTC team under the leadership of the Jeff Lilley and the Executive Team at the Mission who earnestly desire that churches and networks of churches be the leading edge of ministry with, for, and among our city’s most vulnerable. In light of that vision to see the local church lead, (rather than UGM), I was so intrigued and honor to work towards that end, serving with the leadership and talents of Ralph, Chris, Dawn, Desi, Nathan, Mandy and Jen.

Moreover, I have loved the high call to serve pastors in Capitol Hill, the Central District, Downtown and the U District, and have benefitted so much from their work, wisdom and ability to collaborate when it is often hard to link arms in urban contexts across the nation. Thank you to each of the individuals that I have come to know personally and the opportunity to partner with you in prayer, fellowship and service throughout our city; I have so appreciate your wisdom and willingness to build a network of relationships in our midst.

If this sounds like a farewell to those of you reading, that is because it is. As of September, I will be in a new role within God’s Kingdom work here in Seattle. Since 1996, I have had a call to teach and preach the Word and I must follow that call now by returning back to full-time pastoral ministry. Again, I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with you all, and am thankful for the support of Ralph Rowland and Chris Gough; Ed Park and Gabriel Molinaro whom I serve with at SUGM and Sanctuary church respectively. Above all, I am thankful to God for my wife Foxy and three kids—Judah, Zion and Trinity who work hard and have been sacrificial in loaning me out to so many church and ministry leaders in Seattle.

Thank you all so much, I will continue to labor with you and pray with and for you for the glory of Christ,

Jason Davison

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