School & Church Partnerships!

For the past couple of years we have promoted and helped foster school and church partnerships through a simple day of service called CityServe. We have encouraged our networks to help out schools as simple ways to engage their city, again by simply serving one of the most attended and sometimes under-resourced organizations in our community. We have been amazed to see outlying cities Federal Way, Tukwila, Shoreline and others in similar ways, while last year 26 congregations in Seattle served 22 different schools in the Seattle School District.

This year Bethany Community Church kicks off the season of serving by helping a few local schools- the and Phil Maulding write up a little summation:

Over 80 volunteers for a solid 3.5 hrs = 280 hrs

We spread 12 yards of play chips, trimmed bushes/ivy, and weeded flower beds and the lawn!

It was fun to paint the U.S. Map!

I got to be present on Monday at the first recess as kids came out on the playground [Yes, I checked in at the office :) ] I wish I could explain the surprise and joy as they discovered something new on their playground. I wish you were there to see it! My closest comparison would be Christmas morning when my kids were that age. They immediate ran to [the map] and starting running from state to state, skipping from color to color, seeing what states they could name, and finding where Seattle [is], naming a state and then all running to that state. One teacher walked some students to states where he had lived, telling his story of home, going to college, work, etc.--it was a cool moment of connection with the kids.

GOOD NEWS....we get to do it again on Saturday August 19th as part of City Serve 2017, so save the date!

This time I've ask the families of Bagley, through the PTA, to join us!

Hope you'll help us spread the word. We'd love to have students and their families working alongside ours to make Bagley even better.

We will repaint the playground game lines, paint a world map, fix the backstop, have teams that can help teachers prep their class rooms for school start (if you'll check with the teachers & they want this), reorganize the covered play/storage areas (with some staff help), plus some other potential projects on the back fence line. Its a big list but with everyone on board I know we can get it done!

Great work Bethany Community! We look forward to hearing more stories like this on our city-wide, CityServe weekend of August 19-20th, 2017. Where we will have congregations from all over the region serving at schools in the Seattle District.

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