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Just a friendly reminder you can tune in each week to the Light Up the City Radio/Podcast. "Wait a minute, "radio/podcast?"", you might ask yourself. Yes, radio/podcast. Each week we have a talkshow that broadcasts locally in Seattle on 820AM KGNW, Sundays at 11:30am.

We continue the conversation with our guest and extend the show into a podcast. You can subscribe on SoundCloud or on iTunes or your other favorite podcast outlets, by simply searching Light Up the City. Some highlight shows have included local author and theologian Ray Bakke, author and film critic Jeffrey Overstreet, World Vision's Steve Haas, author and foster care guru Jason Johnson and many more from our network who have incredible stories of how God is at work in their city, congregation and lives.

We hope you'll listen in and be encouraged to hear just a glimpse of some of the amazing things God is doing through His Church in Greater Seattle and beyond. If you have an idea for a show, we'd love to hear it! Please respond below in the comments, or simply write to us!

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