Recap: Prayer Strategy

On Thursday, January 26th, we held our first Quarterly Meeting at Harambee Church in Renton, WA. The focus was to develop or maintain a prayer strategy for your city. There was a great turn-out and we were encouraged by the response from those in attendance.

We heard from Jason Hubbard of Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham, Ginny Chapman of Church Awakening in Edmonds and Reiko Aramaki of Faith Bible Church who has helped prayer groups start for schools in Seattle. We presented a tool we have published to obtain feedback on how our networks are praying for their cities and also announced we will work with 10 different city networks to assist with setting up a prayer strategy for their community and congregations this year, if that is useful.

Below are videos of updates from Federal Way pastors Dan Larson and Andre Sims. We also have video of our panel discussion.

Our next meeting is May 18th, so stay tuned until then and keep shining!

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