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At Light Up the City events we often emphasize specific issues and their alliances, which came out of our 40 days of prayer in 2014. The areas of focus are: Prayer, Foster Care, School Partnerships, Homelessness, Incarceration, Human Trafficking, and Refugee/Immigrant Care. If you spend any time around us, you’ll hear a lot about these things and we know these issues are also close to your hearts too. This year, at the Advance, we are going to offer you the opportunity to meet with an advisor on these topics. During this discussion time we will have local experts available to "coach" your table on how to engage these areas in your city. Our desire is for you to have a personal connection with someone who can offer best practices in these areas and provide real expertise to steer your conversation toward tangible goals (key performance indicators) or connect you with pertinent information toward the first step, or next step in your region. Some of our advisors include : Mike Johnson of Tacoma Rescue Mission; McKenzie Campbell from World Relief Seattle; Mandy Neill and Dawn Zern from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission; Jason Hubbard from Light of the World Prayer Center and several others. We recommend coming to the Advance ready to learn more about how to engage the needs in your city. Whether your city needs a prayer strategy, re-entry homes, or information to care for refugees, we hope to equip, inform and inspire your congregation into engagement.

There is still time to sign up you or a table from your city/region on September 28th and 29th at Mt. Zion Baptist Church here.

Dawn Zern

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