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If you haven't been listening in on our Radio/Podcast lately- you've been missing out! Our goals at Light up the City are: 1)Bring people together; 2) Build capacity; 3) Advance Action and 4) Bear witness of how God is moving through His Church in our region. So, in effort to move the needle on number four, we launched our own radio program/podcast called Light Up the City Radio. It airs on KGNW 820AM on Sundays at 11:30am here in Seattle. However, we post the show with an extended broadcast that some of us refer to as "extra innings" and some as "after hours". Whichever YOU choose to call it, just know that it's an extension of the conversation from each of our guests that you'll find on our website.

Well, all of that said, we have had some remarkable conversations in the last few weeks including this past week's broadcast for September 11th with Steve Haas of World Vision. Steve dives into who Jesus was referring to as "our neighbor" and how Christians can apply this teaching in their relationships with Muslims.

Around Light Up the City we are always talking about the Church engaging the "Spheres of Influence" in culture, i.e., government, health, education, business, church, and arts & media. Well how exactly should the Church engage Arts and Media? We asked that question directly to Seattle author, film critic and blogger Jeffrey Overstreet who challenged us to look closer at the themes of God's redemptive work in ALL forms of art, and not just those in the Christian genre.

We also had the pleasure of hearing from two local pastors on how they engaged local schools in their cities and the wonderful relationships that were formed from just stepping out into the fray and loving and serving schools.

And last but not least we had the pleasure of speaking with a leading voice of our times in urban gospel movement, Ray Bakke. Ray touched on church history, white flight and how intentional Paul was to speaking in context to the different cities he ministered to without wavering or watering down the Gospel. Ray will also be one of our keynote speakers at The Advance coming up September 28-29th.

We have some other amazing stories coming your way to- from racial reconciliation, a story of a local church supporting a refugee family, and many, many more! So stay tuned- we broadcast every week! If you haven't already followed us on Soundcloud, please do so- and stay tuned for even more ways to hear us on your favorite media avenues.

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