In Case You Missed LUTC Radio

We mentioned last week that Light Up the City is now on the Radio! KGNW 820, on Sundays at 11:30 to be exact. But if you do happen to miss one of our riveting ramblings- fear not, because we will be archiving them on our site under our podcast page on our website. Now you won't have to feel miserable if you DO miss our show, because each week- you'll have access to hear after the airing of the show on KGNW.

We have a great lineup of guests and stories from around the Greater Seattle region- so please stay tuned to hear just a glimpse of how God is working to restore His Kingdom in our neck of the woods. This coming week we have the pleasure of talking with some local experts on the topic of homelessness- how the Church can engage in effective and meaningful ways. Looking forward to sharing stories told to inspire, encourage and equip God's Church.

Do you have any suggestions for shows? Please write us in the comment section below.

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