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Get to know the new LUTC website!

Last month we launched our new website which has some pretty cool features. So let's take a spin and get to know the new website.

Our intention with this site is to equip, encourage and inform the LUTC network. We will highlight stories from around our region, nationally and globally to spark imagination and see God at work through His Church. So the Blog is pretty front and center on our home page- we want this to drive the narratives of our network. Other ways to present stories can be seen and heard on our media page- videos, podcast and photos will be different avenues to present a wider range of stories.

We also want to spotlight events that are happening in your church. Want to communicate that you are sponsoring an Arts and Worship seminar? Or maybe you are hosting a Foster Care Informational Meeting? Contact us and we'll add it to our Events calendar. Another feature we hope will serve to ignite conversation is our Forum page. Want to ask best practices for assisting someone who is homeless? Want to share a story about how your church is assisting refugees? Would you like to send out a notice of an employment opportunity? This is the place for you! Sign up and start a conversation.

Finally, we are excited to provide our Church Engagement Menus. What is a Church Engagement Menu, you might ask? Well, glad you asked. The menus are a multi-level entry engagement tool for six areas of opportunity the Church has expressed interest to engage: Homelessness, Incarceration, Foster Care, School Partnerships, Human Trafficking, and Immigrant and Refugee Care. These six areas were selected from a survey facilitated by our team in 2014 after the 40 Days of Prayer- What is God's Heart for your City?

We hope the new digs will be a great resource and encouragement for you- please feel free to write us if you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback!

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