Puget Sound City Advance

Have you ever served in your community, but felt like you were spinning your wheels or were not being as effective as you could be? Did you wonder if you could do more, leverage other helpful resources, or if there were other critical needs to prioritize? What if you could get in a room with experts in the fields of foster care, school partnerships, incarceration, homelessness, immigrant and refugee care? What would you talk about? What would you ask them?

The Light Up the City network would like to provide this opportunity for you and other ministry leaders. We are hosting a two day event called the Puget Sound City Advance on October 20 and 21 at First Free Methodist Church near Seattle Pacific University. At the City Advance you can bring a team of people from your city, and partner up with others from your region to be able to address the issues your neighborhood faces in your day-to-day life. On the first day there will be tables set up by region, so you can partner with those in your community. On the second day there will be break-out sessions to discuss or plan the best ways to engage your city’s needs. So maybe in your region school partnerships are urgently needed, or maybe it’s help with serving those who are incarcerated, and maybe there is another group from another nearby region who is facing the same issue. You will get the chance to meet with a panel of experts on an issue to discuss how to get engaged in these sectoral interests, as well as how to engage those in your congregation.

We will be rolling out a new electronic tool, called a church engagement menu. The church engagement menus will each feature a different sectoral issue, and many ways to engage, so if you are an individual, a small group, or an entire congregation, you can find a meaningful and useful way to serve in your community. You will have the chance to ask experts all the questions you have about the issue and the tool.

We know to get the most out of this gathering you will want to come with some things prepared. You can download the form for a local city assessment: Community Assessments, Asset Mapping Assessment, Community Assessment Exercise.

If you want more information about the assessment please feel free to email one of ourstaff. We know that if you come with an assessment of your community, you will be prepared to know where and how to invest in your neighborhood.

If you register before August 31st you can get the early bird rate. We recommend getting a group of 5 or more together to register, allowing you to take advantage of a discounted rate, as well as an increased capacity to engage these issues.

-Dawn Stenberg

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