Engage: Refugees

In the spring of 2014 we prayed together as a region and asked “What is God’s Heart For our Cities?” We then surveyed those who participated and the areas of School Partnerships, Homelessness, Foster Care, Human Trafficking, Incarceration and Immigrant/Refugee care came to the forefront. In October, at the Puget Sound City Advance, we had breakout sessions on these issues and now we want to continue that conversation regarding refugees and immigrants all around the world.

The refugee crisis is alarming right now and the statistics are mind numbing. To hear or read we are facing the largest resettlement issue in history and the largest since World War II, is incomprehensible.

I had the pleasure to hear Ray Bakke talk about the plight of Jesus and how Jesus can relate to refugees, as his family had to escape to Egypt from Herod. I’d never heard anyone frame Jesus’ experience as a refugee and it made me more aware of the current refugee crisis and was a catalyst for engaging in the present.

So how does the Church engage with this issue? What does Scripture say? These are the questions we wrestle. To help inform and guide our decisions, we are posting a video from We Welcome Refugees, which features World Vision President Rich Stearns, Q's Gabe Lyons and Stephan Bauman of World Relief.

An easy way to get involved is prayer- praying for the countries that areafflicted, for those who are displaced and for healing and immediate relief. World Relief and World Vision are reputable organizations who are doing great work to serve those refugees in need. Please consider giving or contacting them on how you can offer assistance.

We welcome a dialogue and want to hear from you: What are your thoughts on the issue? Is there something your church is doing to engage that you’d like to share?

–Nathan A. Ryan

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