Foster Care: Office Moms and Dads

Oftentimes, issues can be so large in scope it is hard to imagine where to begin. Take foster care for example- there are about 10,000 children in foster care in Washington State at the moment, which feels overwhelming. Is there a way to help that is practical? The answer to that question could be provided by becoming an “Office Mom” or “Office Dad”.

Office Moms & Dads is a practical way to support local child welfare social workers and also care for children who have recently been removed from their home. Office Moms & Dads provides a caring adult who can care for, sit with, and entertain a child or sibling group while a social worker works hard to find a foster care placement for them.

How it works:

  1. When a child comes into care, the social worker from the DSHS office calls the Office Moms & Dads coordinator

  2. The coordinator sends out a text blast to any volunteers who have indicated that they might be available on that day

  3. Volunteers respond with a “yes” or “no”. And indicate the time they are available.

  4. Volunteers goes to the DSHS office and cares for the child or sibling group

It’s very low-pressure! However, there are a certain number of volunteers needed in order to get the program up & running. All that’s required to volunteer is a background check and 1.5 hour training.

Office Moms & Dads is launching at the King West office very soon and response from the community to program has been so encouraging. There are more than enough volunteers to launch! The hope is for this program to expand to all of the DSHS offices in King County. If this is something you or your church might be interested in helping launch at a DSHS office, please contact Mandy Neill or Jen Browning at

-Jen Browning

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