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If you ever sit down for a cup of coffee or tea at Poverty Bay Cafe or attend one of the monthly CityVision meetings in Federal Way, you will walk away with the sense that the residents of this city are deeply passionate about what goes on between S 272nd and S 376th. That culture of deep-seeded love spreads through Federal Way’s congregations as well- many of whom offer the city government, local non-profits and schools their time and support.

On Sunday, October 4, several congregations in Federal Way joined together to show tangible acts of love to their city. Over 600 volunteers spent the afternoon involved in various projects: cleaning up streets and parks, landscaping at schools, maintaining community gardens, helping beautify community areas, handing out water and helping feed those in need. The day ended with a celebratory meal of soup and bread and sharing stories of the impact made in Federal Way.

Our friend Dan Larson of Family Life Community Church sent us some reports of the day:

Who took part:

  • Eleven Congregations were involved sponsoring and planning 15 projects.

  • Some quick math: 500 x 2 hours of work per person = 1000 hours of love, sweat & tears (of joy!) in our community. We just happened to get the most perfect weather to top it off!


  • Decatur High School & Illahee Middle School (principal was part of the team) yard work, painting, trash picked up.

  • 3 Community Gardens – end of summer clean up. Raking, weeding, spreading chips, hauling compost, trimming, painting, cleaning. Huge teams made fast progress.

  • Kings Court apartments – built raised beds, assembled & hung sign, signed wooden partitions.

  • FW Senior Center got a deep “spring cleaning”

  • Transit Center/street ministry – 550 Kind bars, 200 water bottles & bananas were handed out. Team members visited, loved & prayed for many

  • Westway Community Center – inside of building cleaned, gravel spread in parking lot, trimming, lots of weeding!

  • Teams also went and mowed neighbor’s lawns & picked up trash. They went door to door & asked if they had items for the dumpster (thanks to HFH for donating it & sending a team with lots of tools) The dumpster was FULL.

  • Young Life Youth House – lots of TLC needed & given! Cleaning & small home repairs completed

  • 7 Fire Stations received a bag full of healthy ingredients, dessert & drinks to prepare their

crew meal. Each team enclosed a personally signed thank you note

  • Pay it Forward- teams handed out $5 coffee cards & then put quarters in the machines at laundromats!

  • Park & Steet clean up – we had an army of volunteers collect 120 bags of trash + many items that were to large to fit into bags.

  • S Sound Dream Center – sandwiches, groceries & clothing distributed to homeless & people in need

  • Hallmark Manor

  • Integrity Life worship & dance team ministered

  • Expressions of Love donated, assembled & distributed 100 gift bags to the residents (Christmas in October). Residents were blessed & delighted with hugs, prayers & gifts

  • food donated to the Multi Service Center & tons of creamy peanut butter donated for the S Sound Dream Center

  • left over soup & crackers donated to Arcadia Teen Center & S S Dream Center

  • Winco – this wasn’t on the list but team members purchased groceries for shoppers

  • We know of 2 salvations.

This event was born out of the idea of seeing the churches in Federal Way come together as one church to love and care for the city well. This was hopefully the first of many “We Love Our City” events. To learn more, check out their website:

What an awesome display of love and unity in the Church! Thanks We Love Our City for truly implementing the love of Christ in your actions!

Thanks to Amy Longenecker and Dan Larson for their contributions.

-Nathan A. Ryan

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