Northshore Community Serve Day

Over the past 7 years, the local Church in Bothell has pioneered a vibrant working relationship with the Northshore School District through a “Back to School” Campus prep day called Community Serve Day. They were first mentored by Gary King and Jubilee Reach in Bellevue.


The project has grown from a handful of elementary school campuses in 2009 to 17 campuses as of 2015! This year, we are hoped to see more than 1,700 volunteers show up in force to get campuses ready for the fall. The Church has a vision to see:

1. Every Northshore student grow in their sense of pride for their school and ownership of their own education.

2. Every Northshore family grow in relationship with their teachers and administrators.

3. Local PTA’s encouraging families in their local schools to join this effort spearheaded by the local Churches.

4. Jesus to be glorified in our city!

This summer, Community Serve Day fell on Sunday, August 23rd. It was a great opportunity for the Church to relocate from the church campus to the school campus and to worship The Lord through practical

A principal from one of the schools served wrote a note to the leaders of Community Serve Day:

Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for all of you who have dedicated your weekend for the sake of our Shelton View school. The beginning-of-year to-do’s can be quite overwhelming. Your support has allowed our teachers, our custodial and grounds crew, and me a sense of relief. As one teacher expressed to me with enthusiasm, “The Community Serve volunteers did for me today (Sunday) what would have taken me at least 14 hours on my own (in preparation for the school year beginning.)”

I’ve been involved in and have benefitted from the Community Serve since its inception (7 years ago??) when I was the acting Principal at Moorlands Elementary here in Northshore School District. And, I have always been amazed at people’s generosity and other-centeredness. What an incredible way to BE a vital part of the community. (Isn’t that what churches used to be – a vital part of the community as a whole?)

Community Serve

* 2,079 volunteers served…many for more than the allotted 4hrs. * That’s well over 8,000 hours of work volunteered. * That’s equivalent to what 4 full-time employees would accomplish in 52 weeks * 216 Teachers were served * 17 schools served within NSD and 1 school in Bridgeport! * All schools had more than 100 volunteers (excepts a couple that asked to cap lower) * More than 1,000 yards of mulch was spread * Projects included: * Painting * Portables * Classrooms * Benches/Fences/Gates, etc * Interior & Exterior Doors * Signs * Curb Lines * Playground Maps * Landscaping * Pruning * Planting * Mulch (1,000+ yds) * Play Chips * Pressure Washing * Serving Teachers & Classroom Organization * Making 2400 lunches for all the volunteers…which was done by volunteers

-Chris Peppler

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