Seattle's Sound Faith Ministries

If someone barks at you, should you bark back? If someone is having a conversation with himself or herself on a street corner, should you join the conversation so it’s not so one-sided? Or if someone seems to be screaming at nothing and at no one, how do you respond?

There’s no doubt that people are weird. Whether it’s you or me, we’re all weird, and because of that we all have our own sort of mental issues. Whether it’s ADD, schizophrenia or depression, there are all kinds of mental illnesses that can creep into our lives and the lives around us, and a question we need to be asking is how does the Church handle these illnesses when it’s exposed to them?

Pastor Steve Cyr of Sound Faith Ministries has begun to answer this question and has created a ministry that is “committed to bringing God’s love, grace and mercy to those affected by mental health issues.” Sound Faith Ministries meets on Burke Avenue in Seattle on Sunday nights, and despite the unique crowd that makes up the majority of the congregation, you will find it to be an extremely friendly and inviting atmosphere that would be familiar to anyone that’s a part of a loving congregation in Christ’s Church. There is worship, the Truth is proclaimed and there is a time of response. The only real difference is that for many within the congregation, the time of response is a time to compare the Word of God with the words of the voices in their heads. Because of this, we can take heart because we know the Word of God transcends all things, and all people in the congregation certainly understand it and apply it.

Sound Faith Ministries is a beacon of Light in, what is for many people, a scary part of ministry. Its leadership is passionate about loving its congregation and its congregation is passionate about learning and hearing the Truth. If mental illness is something you or your congregation may be interested in learning more about or working with, we want to invite you to Mental Health 101 at Wallingford Bible Fellowship in Seattle. If you’re interested in pursing God’s calling to love those in greatest need and learning more about the truth of mental illness and how to develop genuinely listening, join us on May 21st at 6:30 p.m. We hope to see you there!

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