Seattle Gave Big

Seattle is a city that is becoming known for its support. It is a city that takes pride in its people. Whether it’s the 12th Man showing up for Seahawks football games in the fall or communities coming together to provide shelters and food for folks going through a rough time, Seattle is a supportive city.

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” and although not all of Seattle would claim to be followers of Jesus, it is sure that the city’s treasure and heart are for its people and its good. The proof is in the pudding, and according to yesterday’s 2015 GiveBIG results, Seattle raised $16.3 million during its one-day, citywide giving event.

The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event is primarily an online charitable giving event with the goal of inspiring Seattleites to give to nonprofits throughout the city that work to make Seattle a better place to live. Nonprofit and social work are certainly not easy and certainly not always the most profitable, so for the city to surround those organizations and those workers for a day in support is a testament to the passion that Seattle has for its people and its well-being.

With hundreds of nonprofits benefitting from this year’s fundraising, there was an increase of nearly 15% more giving than last year, and there were more than 5,000 new donors. With technology, online giving and grant options available, giving and supporting our city’s transformation efforts is becoming more and more possible and convenient for everyone.

With the ultimate goal of connecting networks of local efforts to transform the Seattle region through the love of Jesus Christ, we wanted to tell the story of GiveBig’s success as an encouragement that God is working through all facets of Seattle to bring change and transformation to our communities. He is sovereign and He will work all things according to His purpose, especially money, because in reality, it’s all His anyway. Please join us in thanksgiving and prayer for this amazing, fruitful time in our city and that all donations and gifts would be used for the glory of God.

Let us continue to pray for a spirit of generosity over our wealthy city. There are many of us who are hoping that Seattle will become the most generous city in the world, yesterday was a great start!

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