There is Beauty in Unity

This past Sunday was special. It was Easter – the Superbowl of Sundays for Christians around the world to celebrate an already victorious Savior, without the worry of possible defeat or the worry of handing the ball off instead of passing it in for the game winning touchdown (there’s always next year).

This Easter kicked off at 7:30 a.m. for several Capitol Hill congregations at Cal Anderson Park for a special sunrise service. The sun rose up at what seemed like just the right time – not too early that the sun couldn’t be seen over the buildings, but just in time for the rays to climb over the roofs and stretch across Seattle.

It was early, but the sun was up, and its light was warm. Despite the damp grass, people walked across the grounds of Cal Anderson in their “Sunday best” to come together to sing worship songs and listen to scripture be proclaimed over the grassy fields and playgrounds. It was Easter morning on Capitol Hill.

There were children singing and dancing in circles around their parents. There were individuals waking up from their night’s rest in the park, stirred by the unusual sounds of loud voices and worship music. There were early morning runners and casual onlookers, but most importantly there was The Church.

All of these folks were coming together together on Easter morning represent the Living Christ’s Body, and it was beautiful. Congregations from all over Capitol Hill and their leaders came together to host a time of worship together on what some might say is the busiest Sunday of the year for many church leaders. Despite the busyness, scripture was read, prayers were prayed and songs were sung. It may have only been 30 minutes, but every second of it was full of pure joy of Jesus’s victory over the grave.

As the service came to a close, chill bumps had to have shot through anyone who was within blocks of the park. Capitol Hill Presbyterian pastor James Kearny stood on top of a small hill in the park and delivered a bold benediction to what sounded like the entire city. He reminded everyone that this city is indeed God’s city, and that it is in His Son’s Name that we have the victory to proclaim that.

There is no doubt that it’s a spectacular sight watching the sun rise upon an amazing sunrise Easter service, but there is beauty in watching different congregations come together to all worship the same King. There is beauty in unity, and there is hope in knowing the Son rose.

We hope your Easter was special, and we look forward to hearing from the Church in Seattle of all that God did!


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