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Without Application, It's Just Entertainment

Seattle was one of 65 cities around the United States to gather together for a Q Commons event on Feb. 26. People from all over the city got together to learn and collaborate with new acquaintances and old friends over transformative ideas that, with hope and prayer, will lead to action.

At the event, Chris Gough, from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission shared that “teaching and training without application is just entertainment.” The hope in these conversations is to move people toward engagement in their city, not to just hear something interesting.

In the case you were not able to attend Q Commons, weheard from national speakers, Malcolm Gladwell, Soledad O’Brien and Mark Burnett. Our local speakers were captured on the videos below. Mike Johnson from the Tacoma Rescue Mission shared on the topic of “The End of Relationships,” this was a significant talk on the call of the Church to Love, not process, neighbors. Louis Guiden Jr. from GuidenU4Life shared on “The New Urban Culture,” where we hear a similar message about how cultures change, and how youth continue to feel objectified. Finally, Amanda Koster from SalaamGarage shared a her personal story of family brokenness and the power of community in her talk called, “Why Am I Not Homeless?”. If you have a spare moment, take the time to watch a couple of these short, but impactful, presentations.

We want to thank all of those who came out to support Q Commons with us, and we want to leave you with this final question: How can you begin to apply the teaching and training from the Q Commons event in your own life, and in your community? We want to see our systems become more just and our people loved more fully, join us next year on September 24th!

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