March! A Call to Prayer!

Three of us were thinking about the power of prayer in transforming our communities… what if 10 people decided to walk 10 blocks and pray for the businesses and neighbors in those blocks?

10 People praying for 10 blocks each is 100 blocks.

What if those 10 people invited 10 others?

The idea is simple.

We are committing the month of March to walk 10 blocks in our own neighborhoods and communities.

It doesn’t have to be every day.

Just simply focus on 10 blocks, during the 31 days of March.

We’re suggesting five key steps:

  1. Walk.

  2. Pray.

  3. Listen.

  4. Obey.

  5. Expect.

If you decide to walk with us, let us know! We will be highlighting a map as to what blocks have been walked.

(email Chris:

Today is March 1st. Please join us!

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