Transformation is Just 'One Cup' Away

Prayer doesn’t happen in strip clubs.

It just isn’t supposed to . . . Normally.

Strip clubs are supposed to be places of sin and places that men go to, essentially, pay for visual sex. They’re seen as places that no good can come from. For years, Sugar’s Topless Bar in Shoreline was one of these places. It was a strip club right across the street from a high school that welcomed students to school every day. Sugar’s was located on one of the main roads through town that many people take on their daily commutes, and it was an eye-sore to many as it sat beside the car dealerships and other community businesses of Shoreline.

After years of consistent prayer over Sugar’s, God stepped inside and reclaimed what is rightfully His. He used His Church in Shoreline to come together with a vision to transform Sugar’s into something life-giving. Out of that vision came One Cup Coffee Co. One Cup is a coffee shop that was founded on the idea that customers’ purchases have power, and power that could be used for something good. Now, One Cup gives $12 to fund social and economic change in Africa for every $12 bag of coffee they sale. They give hope.

Not long ago, our team sat in what was formerly a strip club with a group of more than 30 pastors and church leaders to pray, break bread, and hear about the beauty and unity of Christ’s Church. That doesn’t just happen The transformation the Lord has done in that place is truly a miracle. God is the only One who can bring the dead to Life, and this is a wonderful example of God’s redemptive work.

Take heart! What do you see around your community, your congregation or your family that God can transform? As it says in Revelation 21, “I am making everything new!” He can make anything beautiful, and He can work all things, even the bad things, for good, even when it may seem impossible.

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