Engage Seattle at Q Commons

How can we advance the greater good in Seattle? It’s a question we should ask ourselves every day. How can we engage culture, religion and public life through asking questions, formulating ideas and taking action to make a change? Our community is coming together for a Q Commons Seattle event on Thursday, Feb. 26 from 7 – 9 p.m. at Impact HUB Seattle to begin to tackle these questions and discuss what is happening in our city.

Q Commons is an event that brings together communities with local and national speakers. It will give an opportunity for participants to partake in open discussion with their counterparts from all over the Seattle area. Some of America’s most respected thought leaders such as Malcolm Gladwell, Soledad O’Brien and Mark Burnett are partnering with practitioners from the Seattle area to deliver six, 9 and 18 minute talks tailored to Christian leaders in Seattle.

The Q Commons Seattle presentations and presenters are:

  • LEGITIMACY Malcolm Gladwell, New York Times Bestselling Author

  • RACE IN AMERICA Soledad O’Brien, Broadcast Journalist

  • VIRTUE IN ENTERTAINMENT Mark Burnett, Emmy Winning Television Producer

  • WHY AM I NOT HOMELESS? Amanda Koster, SalaamGarage (local speaker)

  • THE NEW URBAN CULTURE Louis Guiden Jr., GuidenU4Life (local speaker)

  • THE END OF RELATIONSHIPS Mike Johnson, Tacoma Rescue Mission (local speaker)

These are all topics we need to discuss, and we hope to see you at Impact Hub Seattle on Feb. 26. To register for Q Commons Seattle or learn more about the event, visit http://qideas.org/qcommons/seattle/. Space is filling up quickly, and you’ll need to reserve your seat. The cost is $29/ per person and $49 for married couples.

“Stay curious. Think well. Advance good.” – Q Commons

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