Transform Burien

There are stories of city-wide transformation occurring all over the greater-Seattle area. There are congregations coming together in prayer, fellowship, and service to see their cities transformed in the name of Jesus. One of these amazing stories is about Transform Burien– a group of church leaders from around the Burien area that meet to pray for their city every week. They began their journey more than 10 years ago when Patrick Foutz started praying for unity among the church leaders in Burien. This is a short video of their story that we’d like to share with you done by Beau Chevassus at Knok Studios. We want to challenge you with this question: Are the church leaders in your city praying together, and if not, how can you begin to work together to do so?


To learn more about the congregations and leaders in Burien, check out the Burien link under the ‘Cities’ tab at the top of the page.

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