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A Challenge from Ferguson, MO

The Light up the City Network currently contains about 22 city efforts in the greater Seattle area. Each quarter, we gather the leadership of these efforts to encourage one another, pray together and hear from one another about the ways God is transforming our people and places. This past Thursday we had representatives from 23 cities, heard from three local cities and had a remarkable challenge from Ferguson, MO.

Representatives from Burien, Shoreline and Puyallup all shared unique testimonies of the ways God is pulling together His Church in their cities for a purpose. Weaved into each story was the phrase, “we prayed for ten years…” It was amazing to hear of the faithfulness of God’s people, who like Lot, have interceded on behalf of their city before the Lord. We look forward to sharing these stories with you soon.

Pastor Robert Loggins (pictured above, addressing Seattle last Thursday) brought news from a city recently struck with tragedy. Ferguson, MO, has plastered headlines for months as we have awaited court verdicts, watched cars and businesses burn and seen the frustration of a broken community. What we did not hear from the media frenzy was that those burned business were rebuilt by this same community and local churches; that hundreds of people from all kinds of congregations swarmed the police station the day after the shooting to pray for and lift up the department – their singing even diverted a large group of marchers who joined in song! Prayer meetings are boiling over everywhere, and over 600 people are currently engaging in 40 days of fasting and prayer for the city. Preachers have been swapping pulpits and congregants have been building trust with one another across ethnic lines ever since the tragedy. God is shaking, stirring and healing this city in miraculous ways.

Pastor Loggins posed a question to us, “What will happen when a tragedy hits Seattle?” If you do not serve your city now, you will have to save it later.” He confessed that Ferguson congregations have not always done a great job at serving their communities, building trust, addressing issues and generally seeking Ferguson’s welfare. Now, there are a lot of pieces to be picked up, and by God’s grace that is happening!

We ended our time in prayer and with a challenge from MO: What is God saying to you? What are you going to do about it? When are you going to do it? We are called to be men and women of action, and our answers to these questions will undoubtably bring wholeness and holiness to Seattle!

(Have an answer to these questions? Leave us a comment!)

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