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40 Days of Prayer Begins Tomorrow

Thank you for joining the greater body of Christ in your city for a period of intentional discernment. What’s God’s heart for your city? This is the question congregations throughout Greater Seattle, and all over WA and OR will be praying together. Cooperation like this is being seen throughout the Northwest region, and increasingly in cities throughout the country.

As we discern God’s heart together over the next 40-days, we will undoubtedly be pulled into mission. This is why the prayer guide is segmented into 7 categories: Church, Health, Family, Education, Business, Government and Media/Arts. Each of us is uniquely designed and gifted to impact this world; we are made in God’s image! As we pray through these categories, we hope to broaden our perspective of the community God has placed us in, and respond out of a combined sense of our gifting, our area of burden, and the call of God’s Spirit.

Communities are infinitely complex, and thissegmentation into 7 categories is simply a starting place.Your city’s prayer coordinator has supplemental information on what is going on in your city. These prayer guides will be posted daily on this site in blog form, where you can comment and share. Toward the end of the 40-days, a short survey will be posted on this blog for all participants so that we can collectively answer the question, “What’s God’s heart for our city?” Survey results will also be provided.

These are exciting times, the Church can no longer divide and conquer its-self; this is not a tolerable condition. Instead, we must submit to one another, and together to Jesus as we are guided by the Holy Spirit. May God be glorified though unity!

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