For students to develop a love of learning


For classroom teachers to be encouraged and feel valued in their profession


For principles and school administrators: that they would have wisdom as they lead


For Superintendents, Administrators, and School Board members throughout the region that they would lead well


For students experiencing homelessness and the McKinney-Vento staff who work with students and families


For the expansion of weekend food backpacks in Seattle Public Schools to 20,000 children


For students in English Language Learning programs


For health and wellness of students


For State of Washington Legislature to resolve funding issues for public education


For partnerships to form between schools and churches throughout the region




YouTube / Films





TED Talks 





  • Take some time to read a book, watch a movie/documentary or listen to ted talk on your own.

  • Take an educator out for coffee and learn about the rewards and challenges they face If you have children in schools, get involved in your schools Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • Look up Washington State Report Card


Small Groups


  • Have a book club or host a movie night as a group, where you can discuss books/movies about public education together. 

  • Invite an educator from your church or community to share with a small group about the rewards and challenges they face




  • Consider teaching a sermon series about social justice and the achievement gap that exists in public education on Sundays.

  • Invite guest speakers to talk about public education and serving schools.



Host a Drive


  • Contact a local school or district office to find out what their urgent needs are.   

  • Several school districts have weekend food backpack programs for children, contact a school or district office to find out if you can be a collection site for non-perishable donations.   

  • Organize a Back-to-School backpack and school supply drive. Work with school counselors, teachers or administrators to know what school supplies are needed 

  • Fall and Winter host a Coat Drive and provide new coats for children 

  • Put together “Thank you” packages for teachers to be delivered during Teacher Appreciation week.  Items could include gift cards, thank you notes, chocolate, etc. (May 2-6th) 

  • Host a book drive to help support school and classroom libraries  


Small Group        


  • Collect food for weekend backpack programs

  • Connect with a classroom teacher and ask how your small group can help them in their classroom or by providing extra school supplies throughout the year.




  • Place collection bins in our lobby

  • Consider engaging your children’s ministry and youth ministry in collecting items

  • Engage small groups to participate in sorting and delivering items to local schools or district office.













  • Serve the staff of a local school by volunteering. Contact school administrators to ask where volunteers are needed.  The needs of every school may be different.   

  • Volunteer for a single event or consider an on-going volunteer opportunities 




  • Volunteer at a school office, classroom, library, or after school program 

  • Volunteer at school events, Family Nights, Back to School Nights, Parent Teacher conferences 

  • Volunteer to help with weekend backpack programs (Contact Jen Browning at jbrowning@ugm.org to connect with an organization) 

  • Serve together at a school event 

  • Participate in Community Serve Day  August 21, 2016 

  • Ask a school is there are opportunities for a service project for your small group 


Small Group 


  • Serve together at a school event 

  • Participate in Community Serve Day  August 21, 2016 

  • Ask a school is there are opportunities for a service project for your small group



  • Participate and promote Community Serve Day – August 21, 2016 

  • Provide meal and volunteers for Family Nights or Back to School Nights 

  • Provide meals for staff during school events, parent teacher conferences, teacher work days  

  • Connect with a principle to ask about service projects throughout the year





Form a Partnership


  • Develop a lasting partnership and relationship between local churches and school throughout the region. 

  • Invite a principle out for coffee and learn more about the school and student population 

  • Ask how your congregation can come alongside and help the school. Start small, maybe a one day service project, or help at a school sponsored event. Let the relationship naturally develop. 

  • Participate in the Community Serve Day on August 21, 2016  




Tutor / Mentor a Student



  • Contact a local school (elementary, middle or high school) and ask about tutoring opportunities (reading, math, science, music, etc.)

  • Connect with organizations that provide tutoring services and mentoring.

  • Provide tutoring for English Language Learners

  • Volunteer in After School programs

  • Provide internship or job shadow experiences for high school students