Episode 47
It's a reboot!  We stepped away from the radio/podcast format and are now just working on a podcast structure.  We talk about "What's God's Story -and the Cared Day event in Bothell.
Episode 46
Our last episode of the "Talk Show" format- Chris and Nathan share their experiences over the past year and talk about things they look forward to with the new podcast launching in the fall.
Episode 45
Our friend Louis Guiden comes in to share some powerful stories of his journey in faith and the transformation of youth.
Episode 44
One of our favorite mentors and pastors in the St. Louis area joins us for a compelling conversation. Nathan is unusually quiet, even for him, through this entire episode.
Episode 43
We've always said that if you get asked back to do another episode- we are either hard up or the person is very engaging.  In this case it's the latter as our friend Mike Johnson of Tacoma Rescue Mission returns!
Episode 42
We've got a treat for you with this one! Australian author and pastor Mark Sayers joins us to talk about how the Gospel can impact "post-Christian" cities. 
Episode 40
Our friend Bill Bowers comes back for another visit and this time it's EASTER!!!  Bill fills us in on how God is moving in Puyallup.  
Episode 41
Our good friend Mike Johnson joins us to talk about what is going on in Tacoma.  Mike is the Executive Director at Tacoma Rescue Mission and also leads an annual trip to summit Mt. Rainier with guests coming out of addiction.  
Episode 39
Mac Pier from New York Leadership tells us how God is moving in NYC to move the Church into action to love their city.
Episode 37
With a lot of focus on refugees and immigrants happening right now, we thought it would be a great time to "look back" on a couple of shows we did to answer- how should and how can the Church engage the refugee and immigrant crisis?  
Episode 38
We hear from our friend Britt Nelson from Enumclaw what God is up to in her neck of the woods...we also talk about P.O.M. on Palm Sunday.
Episode 36
There's only a few folks who have been asked to make a second appearance...Kevin Palau comes back to tell us about Church engagement efforts around the country.
Episode 35
Jason Johnson of CAFO shares with us his experiences of working with the Church to engage foster care.
Episode 34
Bobby Martin from Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is the Director of 118 Designs. 118 is dedicated to engaging men in the Rainier Valley- teaching them about Jesus and how to build furniture.
Episode 32
Maia Anderson of Fostering Together and our own Mandy Neill join us to talk about different ways the Church can engage the foster care system.
Episode 33
Kevin Palau of the Luis Palau Association in Portland, visits us to talk about how the Church worked with the PDX government and school district to help transform lives in the schools. Listen in to this encouraging story from our friends down south.
Episode 31
Alec Rowlands of Westgate Chapel joins us to talk about the importance of intentional prayer for the Church.
Episode 30
JJ Summa visits us and describes her journey into volunteering, and how she has been transformed through the process.
Episode 29
Pastor Lina Thompson of Lake Burien Presbyterian Church joins us to discuss how the culture of the Church can have an effect on the culture of society.
Episode 28
 Dave Hillis from Leadership Foundation talks about the Gospel allowing us to view our cities as Play Grounds rather than Battle Grounds.
Episode 27
 Our first show of Season 3- and we are kicking it up a notch.  Taking the show on the road...literally.  A first for us- we broadcast while driving down I-5.  Our guest Ralph Rowland shares the importance of prayer.
Episode 24
 We talk with Brandon Kindelberger about how a local, mostly white, congregation engaged refugees and became transformed by the experience.
Episode 25
 IT'S CHRISTMAS! Chris and Nathan reflect on some of their favorite Christmas traditions and carols- AND have a surprise guest AND provide a gift at the end of the podcast.
Episode 26
 We ring in the New Year with reports on the awesome things we've witnessed God doing in 2016 and the things we hope to see him do in 2017.  Happy New Year!
Episode 23
 Tom White of Frontline Ministries joins us and talks about his years of experiences of gathering leaders to help advance the Gospel in our cities.
Episode 22
 Patti Quirk of the Washington State Incident Management Team and City of Seattle and Susan Burbank of Belpres talk about how the Church can engage Disaster Preparedness.
Episode 21
 Federal Way pastors Andre Sims and Patrick Walton join us to talk about best practices for building relationships to better serve our cities.
Episode 20
 Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's Jeff Lilley drops by to discuss homelessness. Jeff challenges us to with his reminder "homelessness isn't a resource issue it's a relationship issue." Jeff also shares things he is thankful for (which may or may not include pumpkin pie).
Episode 19
 Bill Bowers of Puyallup joins us to discuss the importance of rallying together as a united Church to love, serve and impact our neighbors.
Episode 18
 Jason Hubbard of Light of the World Prayer Center discusses best-practices for prayer during this election season.
Episode 17
 Scott Ellis of World Relief drops by to talk about the importance of the refugee crisis and how the Church can engage the situation.
Episode 16
 Steve Bury, of Urban Impact in Rainier Valley, talks to us about the importance and impact of congregations working together for the good of the city and neighborhood.
Episode 15
 Jeff Vancil of Centered.org joins us to discuss the importance of "going small or go home" with regards to discipleship.  
Episode 14
 Chris and Nathan recap what happened at The Advance and talk a bit of how Light Up the City hopes to engage and support our network of churches in the Greater Seattle Region.
Episode 13
 Pastors Michael Thomas and Eddie Koh visit us today with- the Church can be multi-ethnic and why it should be.  A great conversation about how the Church should be intentional toward reconciliation and race.  This one happened to break a record for longest episode too.  
Episode 12
Romania Hairston-Overstreet enlightens us with a conversation around assessing and engaging our city's needs.
Episode 11
Our friend and mentor Allen Belton visits us today to discuss what does it mean for the Church to be salt and light? He also has a powerful story about reconciliation in his own life and the backstory of how Light Up the City started as a network of congregations working together in the Greater Seattle region.
Episode 10
We travel down I-5 to Federal Way and have a discussion with Steve Haas from World Vision.  Listen in, as we dialogue about the aftermath of 9/11 on Christian/Muslim relationships, how to engage the refugee crisis and who exactly is our neighbor.
Episode 9
Seattle author, film critic and blogger Jeffrey Overstreet provides a wonderful dialogue of how the Church and its disciples can engage the arts with faith.  
Episode 8
We sit down with long-time West Seattle resident and pastor Buzz Huget of Trinity West Seattle, to talk about best-practices of serving schools and engaging the cities in which we live, love and serve.
Episode 7
Pastor Roy Chang takes us through his church's experience of coming alongside a local public school to enter into a relationship.  
Episode 6
We take a visit to one of the most respected Urban Gospel Movement thought leaders of our time- Ray Bakke.  Join us through a wonderful discussion of the urban gospel and Church history as well.
Episode 5
Reverend Jason Davison joins us for a coversation revolving around the Central District and Capitol Hill.  We also discuss racial tensions in the Church of Seattle.
Episode 4
Our friend and Tukwila networker Jenny McCoy joins us to talk about a few ways God is working through the Church in Tukwila to love and serve the city.
Episode 3
Stephanie Filer, Andrew Schneidler, and Mandy Neill talk to us about ways the Church can engage the Foster Care system.
Episode 2

Jeff Lilley and Dawn Zern of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission join us to talk about the state of homelessness in Seattle, some of the root problems of the issue and how the Church can engage.  

Episode 1

Season: 1 Episode: 1  Our pilot episode in which we discuss how Light Up the City works, why it's needed and how it can benefit the cities that God loves!