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North Seattle is a diverse area extending from N 145th down and across to the water borders on the South, East, and West sides. Many flames of unity have risen up over the years in this area, and our current commission and challenge is to seek a way to empower these flames to create brighter and more lasting light in this community. 


Pastor’s Gathering & North Seattle United Worship

Around 2015, three pastors in North Seattle committed to meet together regularly to pray for each other and their churches. As of 2018, this group has grown to represent twenty-three churches. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month. On top of the prayer and fellowship, many practical connections have sprung out of the gathering, including shared leadership training, shared resources and space, and shared service projects. Also out of this group came the idea for a joint church service – a Sunday where all the churches could gather in one location. This North Seattle United Worship happened for the first time in August 2017 and again in 2018, and the hope is to continue to make it an annual event! 


United Community Engagement 

From about 2012-2014, a number of churches along Aurora Ave created a network together called “Bridges to Hope.” The group was made up mostly of missions/community involvement personnel, and they met together on a regular basis to connect, share resources and encourage each other. For various reasons the group did not continue, but in the same spirit, years later in 2017, some women in the Church were struck by the immense potential that could come from such a group to support and equip each other to love the neighborhood well. These women began to dream, learn and lay the foundations for an effort toward partnership specifically around community engagement. Using the Pastor’s Gathering and other existing connections, the “team” is working their way through meeting with churches in North Seattle to gather information on what churches are already doing and discern what unified community engagement efforts could look like. This might be praying together, education or resource sharing or unifying around a specific issue impacting the neighborhood. 


We are confident and hopeful about God’s agenda of unity in North Seattle, for His name’s sake! 


Interested in Joining Pastor’s Gathering or the NSU Worship Service?


Interested in United Community Engagement?


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