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The Edmond's Pastors group contains a wide spectrum of denominational Christian Churches. The group began in 2013 as a group of four core congregations and has grown each year.  The primary goal is to develop key relationships, pray together, support each other, and consider common problems and common solutions toward seeing the Kingdom come in Edmonds.


They have shared many ideas and topics in monthly discussions that have been helpful to each member.  Relationships have grown and, working together, the pastors have been able to share experiences, problems, and solutions which have been useful to each member.


On several occasions the pastors have joined together on initiatives and events to benefit the community.  We are currently working with Edmonds School District and the Nourishing Network to assist children in several areas.


2018 will be our fourth joint One Voice Worship Night. Each church will join together the evening before Thanksgiving  for a night of music, thanks and worship our God in the Edmonds Center. This free event includes music made up of members from the various churches and is attended by over 300 people.


The National Day of Prayer breakfast, is an significant event which has a 300 attendance in Edmonds.


The group works hard to pray together. This past year we had a dinner and evening of prayer attended by 5 leadership couples from each of our member churches. And we have had prayer gatherings for our pastors together led by Church Awakening. 

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